Compiling Arduino sketches using Makefile

One of the main reasons why Arduino is very popular with beginners is that it is completely self-contained which makes it very easy to use. Once you have an Arduino board, all you have to do is to download the software and within minutes you can make your first led blink. The software has everything […]

Building Robots using Arduino

I am starting a new series of articles explaining how you can create robots using Arduino. These are the same robots, that I used in my various talks. I am planning to post the article every Friday, so that you will have enough time to try it out over the weekend. Assumptions I am going […]

Arduino Yún – Arduino based wireless Linux board

I was following news about Maker Faire in Twitter today and was quite surprised when I came to know that Massimo Banzi co-founder of Arduino, announced Arduino Yún, a new product that combines Arduino and Linux. Specification I was quite excited and quickly checked the specs. It is a combination of Arduino Leonardo (based on […]

Enabling audio output even when HDMI output is enabled in Raspberry Pi

When I wrote about choosing the correct display cable for Raspberry Pi, I mentioned that you might face problems with getting audio, when you use a cheap HDMI to VGA converter, that doesn’t support audio. Problem I use this cheap HDMI to VGA converter which I bought from Amazon, which doesn’t support audio. I thought […]