Hello world!

Hello everyone, welcome to HardwareFun, a place where fun meets hardware 🙂

I was a software programmer all throughout my life, who recently got introduced to the world of electronics and hardware programming. After playing around with it for sometime I realized that is a very satisfying hobby. It is really a great feeling to see small objects move around based on your command.

I created this website to document my different adventures with hardware and also help other people who wants to experience the same feeling like mine. So, the official aim of this website is to bring out the fun part of hardware programming and electronics 😉

Over the next few days, you will find more tutorials on basic electronics, micro controllers like AVR, open source hardware like Arduino etc and also my journey in trying out various hardware boards and components. Till then you can checkout some of the projects that are available.

So, sit back, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the fun of hardware programming. Happy hacking 😉

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