Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things

I gave a talk at Anna University today where I spoke about how to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things.


I have uploaded the slides that I used for my talk to my slideshare account. You can download the slides or view them below. You can also checkout my other presentations and slides from my talks page.

4 thoughts on “Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi for Internet of Things

  1. crond

    Hi Sudar, How you doing? . Its been really lonnnnnggg time, since we met. I dont hope you to remember me.
    We met at I2C hack*on @ Anil’s place.

    I was just browsign about rp and got here. Am just wondering, what exactly called as IoT here.
    Is ardino and rp are talking ? feel like , am missing something here.
    Help me to understand better. Thanks !

    1. Sudar Post author

      I am doing good and I do remember the interaction that we had. It’s been a long time and I am not in Bangalore any more. I have moved to Chennai now.

      By IoT, I just meant Internet of things. The new buzz word that everyone is talking about 🙂

      1. Steve

        Hi, I am in Chennai too and I would like to buy some decent power adapter for my Raspberry Pi 3. I read that any android charger should do the trick but many Pi users complain the power adapter to be the cause of most problems. So I would like to pick the best one to do the job. Could you please let me know which one you have been using and recommend and where can I get them in chennai or online. Thanks.


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