Arduino Makefile v1.3.4 released

After about two months of active development, I am happy to announce the availability of v1.3.4 of Arduino Makefile.

New Features

The following are some of the new features in this release

  • Added support for compiling assembler code
  • List board name as well as tag in make show_boards
  • Support for Emacs Flymake
  • Support for building core objects in a subdirectory
  • Enhanced automatic detection of serial port
  • Enhanced and audited most of the regex used throughout the makefile

In addition to the above features there are a lot of bug fixes and tweaks that got in. You can checkout the release page to find information about all of them.


You can download the latest code from github and then follow the instructions to set it up.

The debian package arduino-mk is also updated to v1.3.4. So if you prefer to have a package, then you can install using apt-get or aptitude.

Special thanks to sej7278 for building the package and for Scott Howard for uploading it to Debian.


These releases wouldn’t have been possible without the help from lot of contributors. In fact these days I am acting more of a maintainer than active contributor 🙂

Following is the list of contributors in no particular order.

Going forward

The major planned feature from now on is to add support for Arduino 1.5.x and we could use your help.

If you have any specific feature in mind, then do let us know about it in the issue tracker.

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