The following are some of the projects that I have been working. Feel free to use them and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Arduino Projects


Asimi is a bot based on Arduino, which I created to experiment with robotics and different ways to connect to external interfaces from Arduino. Read more>>

Asimi JS

Asimi JS is a node.js based project that I created to control my Asimi bot using JavaScript. Read more>>


iAndroidRemote is a combination of Arduino and Android, which allows you to control an Android phone using an Apple Remote. Read more >>

Arduino Libraries

These are some of the Arduino libraries that I have created.

DC Motor Bot

DC Motor Bot is an Arduino library that allows you control bots created with 2 DC motors and H-Bridge IC like L293D. Read more>>


MissileLauncher is an Arduino library that can be used to operate USB Missile Launcher’s from Arduino using USB Host Shield. Read More>>

USB Host Shield GPIO

USB Host Shield GPIO, is an Arduino library, that allows you to easily access the GPIO pins of the Max 3421 IC present in the USB Host Shield. Read More >>


JoystickShield is an Arduino library that allows you to use the JoystickShield without much hassle. Read more >>


WiiRemote is an Arduino library which allows you interact with WiiRemote from Arduino. Read more >>


MemoryFree is an Arduino library, that allows you to keep track of the amount of free memory that is available at runtime. Read more >>

Arduino Tools

The following are some of the Arduino related tools that I have developed.

Make file for Arduino

Make file for Arduino sketches. It defines the entire workflows for compiling code, flashing it to Arduino and even communicating through Serial monitor. You don’t need to change anything in the Arduino sketches. Read More >>

Arduino syntax for Vim

This project provides syntax highlighting for Arduino functions in Vim. Read More >>

Arduino snippets for Vim

Vim snippets for Vim.

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