Monthly Archives: May 2014

Need your help in testing Arduino Makefile with Arduino 1.5.x

Arduino IDE branch 1.5.x has become more stable these days, even though it is still technically in beta. Support for all the new boards are getting added only to v1.5.x and that’s why we decided to start focusing on adding support for Arduino 1.5.x to the Arduino Makefile after the v1.3.3 release.

One of the major contributors to the project @sej7278 is currently working on it and has already created a WIP (Work In Progress) branch. It currently works for the basic boards and we are still working on adding full support for Arduino 1.5.x and we need help.

In particular we need help for the following

  • Testing the makefile with sam based boards
  • Testing the makefile with boards that occurs inside menus
  • Testing the makefile in Windows

If you can help us test one of the above, then kindly download @sej7278’s branch and document your findings in this github issue. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this. I will also be posting updates about the progress in this blog as we progress along.