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Accessing YQL from Arduino

Yahoo Query Language

While writing the tutorial on how to parse JSON in Arduino, I used a sample JSON response that I got from YQL. After writing the tutorial, it struck me that I can in fact make Arduino to directly query the YQL server to get the response. I immediately dusted off my Ethernet shield and tried […]

Getting started with Arduino and AVR


In the previous tutorial, I talked about how to get started with hardware programming and also gave links to brush up your electronic skills. In this article, I will talk about the tutorials/sites I used while learning Arduino (my favorite board and the main reason why I got interested into hardware programming) and then towards […]

Getting started with hardware programming

Ohms Law

People who are not from electronics background generally find it hard sometimes to get started with hardware programming, since it requires some basic understanding of electronic concepts. A basic understanding of different electronic components like resistors, capacitors, batteries etc., together with some fundamental concepts like voltage, current, Ohm’s law etc., will drastically help you to […]