Getting started with Arduino and AVR


In the previous tutorial, I talked about how to get started with hardware programming and also gave links to brush up your electronic skills.

In this article, I will talk about the tutorials/sites I used while learning Arduino (my favorite board and the main reason why I got interested into hardware programming) and then towards the end will also the sites that I used for learning to program AVR directly without using Arduino.

Arduino Tutorials

Official Arduino site

The first tutorial to checkout is the official Arduino getting started guide. It is very comprehensive and explains all the functions and libraries in Arduino. It is also the most up to date tutorial. While you are at it, also checkout the official forum, where you can post questions and get answers about Arduino.

Tronixstuff Arduino tutorials

The next tutorial to checkout is the Arduino series written by John John Boxall at Tronixstuff. Till date he has more than 47 chapters all dedicated to Arduino and I am pretty sure he will add more. His tutorials are both in depth and each to follow for beginners.

AVR Tutorials

Once you have gotten your hands dirty with Arduino, you might want to try out AVR directly. You can refer to the following sites/tutorials to get started with AVR programming

AVR tutorial by LadyAda

LadyAda, the person behind AdaFruits has a set of very good introductory tutorials on AVR. These are very basic tutorials and helps you to setup AVR toolchain on your machine and burn your programs using AVRDude.

AVR tutorial by Hackaday

Hackaday has as tutorial series on AVR programming. This tutorial concept behind AVR programming and will help you write you first program with AVR.

AVR Freaks

Though strictly not a tutorial, AVR Freaks is a very good resource for anything related to AVR. You can also checkout some of the tutorials written by the forum members. Most of these are advanced stuff and it would be really helpful for you once you have mastered the basics.

Hope these resources are helpful to you as they were for me. Also if you know of a good tutorial or site that has helped you a lot, then do leave a comment below and I will add them to the list.

Happy hacking 😉

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