Arduino Makefile hits v1.0.0

After several months of development, I am proud to announce v1.0.0 of Arduino Makefile.

What is Arduino Makefile?

It is a set of makefiles for Arduino, that allows you to compile and flash code into Arduinos and also communicate with it through Serial all using the makefile, without opening up the Arduino IDE. This is really useful, if you want to use your favourite IDE for coding Arduino or want to automate stuff from command line.

The project was started by Martin Oldfield and I started maintaining it from May 2013.

New features

The major feature that was added in this release is the support for Digilent ChipKIT boards. In addition to this, the following features were also added to this release.

  • Support for “Micro” Arduinos
  • Improve avrdude and avrdude.conf path auto detection
  • Remove dependency on external Perl scripts
  • Support for alternate Arduino cores like ATtiny or Alternate Core
  • Autodetect baudrate from .ino/.pde files
  • Allow building with Arduino core, without a .ino/.pde file

In addition to the above features, there were also lot of bug fixes. You can see the complete list of changes in the release notes.


You can download the latest code from github and then follow the instructions to set it up.

The debian package arduino-mk is not updated to v1.0.0 yet. Will post an update once it is updated as well.


This release would not have been possible without the help from lot of contributors. Following is the list of contributors in no particular order.

You can also find more details about their contribution from the release notes.

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