WiiRemote Arduino Library

WiiRemote is an Arduino library which allows you to interact with a WiiRemote from Arduino.


WiiRemote Arduino library allows you to access the following

  • Key press events
  • Accelerometer readings


You need the following connected to an Arduino to use this library.

You also need the v1.0 of USB Host library to be included in your Arduino library folder for this library to work.


The library has the following example sketches.

  • WiiAccelerometer – An example sketch that shows how to gather WiiRemote’s Accelerometer data.
  • WiiNormalMode – An example sketch that shows how to listen to button press events, when you know the Bluetooth address of your WiiRemote.
  • WiiInquiryMode  – An example sketch that shows how to listen to button press events, even if you don’t know the Bluetooth address of your WiiRemote.


You can download the library from github. The examples are there inside the /examples folder. After downloading place the WiiRemote folder inside your Arduino’s /library folder


The library is released under GPL license and the examples are released under BeerWare license.

I would, however, consider it a great courtesy if you could email me and tell me about your project and how this code was used, just for my own continued personal gratification.


This library is based on Tomo Tanaka original library. Most of the credit for the library goes to him.

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  • 2011-08-12 – v0.1 – Initial version

5 thoughts on “WiiRemote Arduino Library

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    It’s not connecting. I’ve tried both versions of the code, as well as with 2 different models of remote…

  3. Jaroslav Vysoký

    Is it possible to get data from wii remote controller infra camera? Does it work with non original remote controllers (china clones)?




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