MissileLauncher Arduino Library

MissileLauncher is an Arduino library that can be used to operate USB Missile Launcher from Arduino using USB Host Shield.


The library supports the following operations

  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Move Left
  • Move Right
  • Fire
  • Stop


The library has a couple of example sketches that explains how to control the Missile Launcher

  • MissileLauncher.ino – Shows the normal way of using the library
  • MissileLauncherFromSerial.ino – Shows how you can read the command from Serial monitor and control the device

If you want to control the Missile Launcher from your desktop, then you can use the missile-launcher.py script found under the /tools directory


This library requires the USB Host Shield library, without which this can’t work.


Stack the USB Host shield on top of Arduino and connect the USB Missile Launcher in the USB slot of the shield.


I have also uploaded a video in youtube which shows how you can control the device from Arduino.


You can download the library from its github page. The examples are there inside the /examples folder. After downloading place the MissileLauncher folder inside your Arduino’s /library folder


The library and the example are released under released under BeerWare license.

I would, however, consider it a great courtesy if you could email me and tell me about your project and how this code was used, just for my own continued personal gratification 🙂

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  • 2011-08-12 – v0.1 – Initial version

6 thoughts on “MissileLauncher Arduino Library

    1. Sudar Post author

      Hi Murali,

      I am not sure where you can find Arduino in Trichy. In Chennai you can get it from Richee Street (near Mount Road) and in Bangalore you can get it from SP road.

      The other option for you then is to try and buy it online. There are lot of sites that sell Arduino these days and you should be able to buy them online.

  1. Chris

    Hi, hoping you have an idea of what is going wrong for me with this. I purchased the missile launcher at the link you show and have loaded the sketch to the Arduino board and can input commands, but the missile launcher does not respond. The launcher looks a bit different from the one in your video, do you know if the commands in the code need to be updated for this launcher?

    1. surv

      did you download+install the usb host shield 2.0 ??? if you have not
      then may be you should do that, otherwise, this missile launcher will
      not work/respond…

  2. Draven

    Can anyone point me to a schematic, I’m not to this world and cannot find any projects on the Arduino site, thanks in advance

  3. Terry

    Hi im wondering what the range is on the missile launcher? ill the Arduino be powerful enough for me to hit North Korea for Australia?
    And do you know where I can purchase some cheap missiles as I have a limited budget?


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